Targeting Low Back Pain With Sustained-Release

Micro-Suspension Platform Technology

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Our goal is to develop proprietary drugs that offer patients and physicians new treatment options that reduce risk, improve outcomes, and manage overall treatment costs in therapeutic areas with few or no approved drugs.
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About Us

SpineThera is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company working to improve the lives of patients by creating injectable drugs utilizing its micro-suspension platform technology. SpineThera’s micro-suspension provides months long sustained-release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient with superior injectability at ultra-high concentrations.
The company’s lead investigational drug product, SX600, is a novel formulation of dexamethasone being developed for sciatica. SX600 was recently studied in a successful Phase 2 clinical trial.

Targeting applications requiring superior injectability (high concentration via small needle or catheter) and sustained-release that are uniquely addressed by

SpineThera’s micro-suspension platform technology.

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Enables targeting of small / challenging anatomical features with sustained release injectable formulation
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Delivers 50X higher drug concentrations through small needles or catheters
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Minimizes systemic exposure