SpineThera’s Second U.S. Patent to Issue 21 Feb 2017

SpineThera, a privately held, pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company, announced today that the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office has provided official notice that US Patent 9,572,771 covering sustained-release, injectable drug formulations for the treatment of back pain will issue on 21 Feb 2017.   

“This second patent strengthens the protection of our lead drug, SX600, a sustained-release, injectable, micro-suspension corticosteroid that we have developed to address the unique requirements of an epidural injection to treat back pain,” said Jeff Missling, Founder and CEO of SpineThera. “We are continuing to pursue rapid development of SX600 as we know that 4 million patients receive an epidural steroid injection every year in the United States for back pain despite there being no FDA approved drug for this use.  We aim to replace those off-label epidural steroid injections with SX600 and to improve the duration of pain relief from a single epidural injection.”

SpineThera had previously announced in October 2016 that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 14/561,797. SpineThera has now received an Issue Notification for this application stating that it will issue on 21 Feb 2017 as US Patent 9,572,771.

About SpineThera:

SpineThera designs and develops sustained-release, injectable drugs to meet the unique safety requirements for administration in and near the spine. Our goal is to develop proprietary drugs that offer patients and physicians new treatment options that reduce risk, improve outcomes, and manage overall treatment costs in markets with few or no approved drugs.